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Arabic Translation and Arabic Interpretation

Modern Arabic is the most widely-spoken Semitic language, with a over 170 million speakers worldwide, mainly in the Islamic world. Arabic has played a role much like Latin in influencing dozens of other languages, such as Berber, Kurdish, Farsi, Swahili, and Urdu. The major Arabic groups are: Egyptian Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, East Arabian Arabic, and Gulf Arabic.

Arabic is the traditional language of the Qu'ran, the holy book of Islam. It has been long believed by Muslims that translations into Arabic would not adequately reflect its meaning as in the original, hence most Muslims learn the Qu'ran in Arabic, regardless of their mother tongue. Despite it being the main linguistic vehicle for Islam, Arabic is also spoken by Arab Christians, Misrahi Jews, and Iraqi Mandaeans.

The Arabic alphabet is derived from the Aramaic script (Nebataean), and is written from right to left. The old Maghrebi form of writing is today preserved only in Qu'ranic schools. Variants of the Arabic alphabet are used in Persian/Farsi, Kurdish, Pashtu and numerous other languages.

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