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Azerbaijani (Azeri) Translation and Azerbaijani (Azeri) Interpretation

The Azerbaijani language, also known as Azeri, is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and is also spoken in parts of Iran, Georgia, Northern Iraq, and the Russia's Republic of Dagestan. In total, there are approximately 23 to 30 million native Azeri speakers worldwide, with the majority living in Iran.

Azeri belongs to the Turkic family of languages and has also having picked up significant influences from Persian (Farsi) and Arabic. It is mutually intelligible with Turkish, Turkmen, and other Oghuz languages. Despite the large number of Azeri dialects, they do not differ greatly from each other.

In Azerbaijan, the Latin alphabet is officially used, although the Cyrillic alphabet from Soviet-times is still in use. Prior to 1929, Azeri was written using the Arabic script.

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