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Cebuano Translation and Cebuano Interpretation

Cebuano is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines, and is the second most spoken language in the Phillipines, with approximately 20 million total speakers. As a Filipino language, it is closely related to Malaysian and Indonesian, and is a member of the Borneo-Phillipine languages.

While not being taught formally in the public school system in the Philippines, Cebuano ranks as having the largest native speaking population in the country, and serves as the lingua franca of the Central Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Cebuano follows the Verb-Subject-Object (VSO) sentence structure, although some linguists have argued that Cebuano may not actually contain ‘verbs’ at all, but rather, the language controls arguments of the subject and object based on an inflectional affix. That being said, Cebuano ‘verbs’ are highly complex, taking on a variety of affixes that reflex focus, aspect, mode, etc., and are thus conjugated for aspect rather than tense. Like Tagalog, Cebuano utilizes the Latin script in its written form.

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