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Chamorro Translation and Chamorro Interpretation

Chamorro is a Malayo-Polynesian (Austronesian) language spoken on the Mariana Islands (including Guam), with about 47,000 total speakers. Unlike most of its neighbors, it is not a Micronesian or Polynesian language, but rather, likely represents an independent branch of the Malayo-Polynesian family.

Due to the rapid Anglicization of Guam, in particular, in recent years, the Chamorro language has experienced a steep decline, and younger generations are far less likely to speak the language. In other areas of the Marianas, however, there is still significant fluency among the younger generations. Local official s in Guam have pressured the U.S. government in recent years to promote and protect the Chamorro language.

Chamorro also contains many Spanish loanwords and other words with Spanish roots. However, contrary to belief, it is not a type of Spanish Creole, but its own distinct language.

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