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Chuukese Translation and Chuukese Interpretation

Chuukese (also known as Chuuk, Lagoon Chuukese, Ruk, Truk, Trukese) is a Trukic language, and part of the Austronesian language family. Its 45,000 speakers can be found mainly on the islands of Chuuk in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia, as well as some speakers on the islands of Pohnpei and Guam.

The languages of the Trukic group are all closely related, and can be found throughout most of the Caroline Islands. Other related languages include Mortlockese, Puluwatese, Saipan Carolinian, Satawalese, Woleaian, Ulithian and Sonsorolese. One unique feature of Chuukese is that it permits word-initial double consonants, a feature possessed by the common ancestor of Western Micronesian languages, but today lost by most of its descendants.

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