Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Application and Resume Submissions

What are your basic requirements for translators and interpreters?

Freelance Translators-Interpreters/Independent Contractors qualifications are reviewed on a case by case basis. As a rule, we look for a minimum of three years professional experience, native ability in the target language and expertise in at least one technical subject area. A degree or coursework in translation and some form of accreditation or certification are preferred.

What is your process for adding freelancers to your active pool?

Resumes are evaluated according to our quality control process. Upon successful completion of references and small sample translation, Freelance Translators-Interpreters/Independent Contractors are added to our active pool to be contacted on an as-needed basis. Freelance Translators-Interpreters/Independent Contractors are provided with a welcome note with information and guidelines.

What if I don't have a resume?

You must attach some description of your education and experience to the questionnaire form. We encourage all Freelance Translators-Interpreters/Independent Contractors who don't already have one on file to develop a current comprehensive resume. At a minimum create a short write-up of your capabilities to attach to the questionnaire form.

How can I attach a cover letter?

If you would like to include a cover letter, please save it in the same file with your resume.

Whom can I contact about problems accessing the form?

If you are have difficulties registering, please send a detailed email describing the problem/issue to: and we will be happy to assist you.

In what timeframe can I expect to hear back from you?

You should receive email confirmation within 24 hours confirming our receipt of your application; if you do not please

Thank you for you interest in STI and we look forward to seeing your information!