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Fulani Translation and Fulani Interpretation

The Fulani language (also known as "Fula," "Pular," "Pulaar" and "Fulfulde") is spoken in parts of West Africa, including Sengal, Gambia, Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Sudan. Fulani belongs to the Senegambian branch of the Niger-Congo language family, and is thus related to other neighboring languages, such as Wolof and Serer.

Fulani includes 25 noun classes, and verbs are typically classed in three voices (active, middle and passive). There are numerous varieties of Fulani, and while they are typically regarded as a single language, some dialects are not mutually intelligible. Fulani is typically written with the Latin script, using special "hooked" characters to distinguish meaningfully different sounds, although it has also been written in the Arabic script, which is still used to a degree today, predominantly in parts of Guinea.

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