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Haitian-Creole Translation and Haitian-Creole Interpretation

Haitian-Creole is one of Haiti's two official languages, along with French. It is a creole based primarily on French and a combination of West African languages, as well as some influences from Portuguese and Spanish. There are two distinct dialects: Fablas and Plateau.

Haitian-Creole has ten vowels, as opposed to twelve vowels in French. Haitian-Creole grammar also differs significantly from French, with its inflection being much simpler. For example, verbs are not inflected for tense or person and there is no grammatical gender.

There are also substantial Haitian-Creole speaking communities outside of Haiti, predominantly in New York, Boston, and South Florida. In Cuba, Haitian-Creole is the second most widely spoken language, where over 300,000 Haitian immigrants speak it, as well as a significant number of non-Haitian mestizo and mulatto Cubans.

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