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Ilocano Translation and Ilocano Interpretation

Ilocano (or Ilokano) is the third-most spoken language in the Philippines, mainly in Northern Luzon. It is an Austronesian language, related to Indonesian, Malaysian, Fijian, Maori, Samoan and Chamorro. There are approximately 10 million total speakers of Ilocano, including those who speak it as their native language and second language.

In pre-colonial times, the Ilocano language utilized a script similar to early Tagalog and Pangasinan scripts. In the modern era, Ilocano adopted the Latin alphabet for its written form, using two different spelling systems: a Spanish-based system and a Tagalog-based system, which produces more phonetic renderings than the Spanish-based system. Nowadays, only the older generations use the Spanish-based system.

Ilocano vocabulary has a relatively close affinity to the languages from Borneo. It also borrows extensively from Spanish, and to a lesser extent from English, Hokkien, Arabic and Sanskrit. Ilocano grammar is quite different from English, and uses a predicate-initial structure, wherein verbs and adjectives appear in the first position of a sentence, with the rest of the sentence following. Ilocano is also an agglutinative language, wherein new words are created from a simple root.

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