Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Military & Defense Translation & Intepretation Services

Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Doctrine, Technical Specifications, Intelligence Reports, Analysis, Law Enforcement, Training Manuals & Doctrine, Title III

Schreiber Translations, Inc (STI) is a specialist in providing certified translation and interpretation, multilingual desktop publishing and multilingual audio translation in more than 100 languages to for the military and defense industries throughout the United States.

Examples of the type of Military and Defense language projects we handle includes:

  • Ongoing translation of technical material in a variety of subjects, including tactics, mapping, weaponry and defense systems. Involves the translation of highly technical material, and translations provided require the scanning and insertion of graphics and figures.
  • STI worked on an agency project related to radio frequency management for electronic warfare. Since the nature of the subject matter was highly technical, STI and the client actively exchanged communications to ensure the translated terminology matched the original source document intent and meaning.
  • STI translated more than a dozen projects for a government agency to include subject matters related to High Precision Analysis of Satellite Laser Ranging Data, maritime sailing instructions for coastal navigation, and other technical, naval related content. These projects included Japanese and totaled in excess of 300,000 words collectively.
  • STI translated for the USS Forrest Sherman and USS Doyle. These projects included technical specifications of ships related to “Welcome Aboard” pamphlets for the good will tours into many languages.
  • Translation of catalog information for riot equipment from English into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

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