Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Non-Profit and Association Translation & Interpretation Services

Precise, accurate translations for members, membership communication, multilingual PR, advocacy efforts, interpreting for meetings and conferences, multilingual applications and surveys

If you have international members, or even U.S.-based members whose English language proficiency is limited, we can help you communicate effectively with your membership. Examples of translation and interpreting services follow:

  • Provided a French escort interpreter for a delegation visiting from West Africa for a program on micro-financing, sponsored by a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization.
  • Translating immigration documents for a local non-profit center including Spanish and Haitian-creole.
  • Translating parental notifications regarding free and reduced price breakfast and lunches for students into Malayalam and Gujarati.
  • Translating membership survey forms and by-laws into Spanish.
  • Translating joint agreements into Chinese between a major U.S. association and a Chinese Association.

Similarly, if you have efforts involving public or corporate outreach either to the general public or within your specific industry, we can provide the translation and interpretation services necessary to make sure the word gets out not just to English speakers, but to anyone needs to hear your message.

“You delivered the finished product very timely. You were very quick to respond to my email inquiries and the ease of providing the documentation though email streamlined the process. Should we ever have need for this type of service we will surely use you and recommend you to other colleagues – thank you.” -- Rocki P.