Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Professional Interpretation Services

Language interpretation requires a linguist with good delivery, diction, and the ability to quickly articulate the same word or sentence in a different language. STI only works with professional, certified interpreters with proven track records.

Quality interpretation services require close coordination between STI and our client prior to the beginning of the assignment. We work with you to determine how many interpreters, what kind of interpreters and what kind of interpreting equipment you may need. We also insist that you provide us and the interpreters with as much background and reference material as possible to ensure that the interpreters are prepared. Unless you would like interpreters to accompany your delegation on travel, we will make every effort to find qualified interpreters local to your assignment, be it anywhere in the U.S. or the world, to keep costs down.

Escort Interpreting

If you are expecting foreign visitors or you will be traveling outside the country, we can provide the services of a qualified interpreter to accompany you or your visitors on both personal and professional excursions.

Consecutive Interpreting

For smaller business meetings, training sessions or legal proceedings, such as depositions, we can furnish professional interpreters to relay information back and forth between speakers of different languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Also known as “conference interpreting,” this mode of interpretation is typically employed for conferences and special presentation situations with larger groups of people, wherein the interpreter is speaking virtually simultaneously with the presenter/speaker. We can provide teams of highly qualified interpreters together with the appropriate interpreting equipment and on-site technical/project management support to help make your event proceed smoothly.

Telephonic/Over-the-Phone Interpreting

When you have an urgent need to place a call to a foreign counterpart or conduct a teleconference with them, or have a non-English speaking client in your office, we can set you up with a qualified interpreter who can provide his/her services over the phone, saving you time and money. Our “on-demand” telephonic interpreting services are available 24/7/365, and with flexible pricing plans depending on if you have a one-time need or an on-going need, as well as a tiered pricing structure with volume discounts. Once you have signed up for telephonic interpreting, you will be provided with a toll-free number and unique access code/password to use the service at your convenience. If you are ever unsure of the language to be interpreted, our experienced customer service representatives can assist you. The connect time to reach an interpreter is typically less than 1 minute.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting

ASL is the primary sign language for deaf and hearing-impaired communities in the United States. If you have employees or customers who have any degree of hearing/auditory impairment, STI can provide ASL interpreters to assist interpreting ASL to/from English. STI’s professional, certified interpreters are highly skilled in ASL interpretation, as well as a variety of specific subject matters, from legal and medical to life sciences and technology. Due to the physical and mental demands of sign language interpretation, two (2) interpreters are typically provided for assignments that exceed 90 minutes.

Interpreting Equipment Rental

If you are hosting a large conference or meeting that requires simultaneous interpretation, or leading a foreign delegation on a tour, STI can provide a wide variety of interpreting equipment options, from fully-enclosed, sound-proof booths with transmitters, receivers/headsets and an on-site technician, to portable wireless headsets and transmitters, based on the requirements of the assignment. Our highly-experienced project management staff will work with you to determine what equipment options are needed for your event.