Schreiber Translations, Inc.

On-Site and Staffing Language Services

Linguist Staffing

We understand that there are occasions where you need specialized language consulting services to come to you. Perhaps confidentiality is a big concern. Or maybe you are in need of a part-time or full-time Spanish-speaking staff member but don’t have the time or resources to find one. Or maybe you just have boxes and boxes of materials in Japanese and would like to have the material reviewed before deciding which documents to have translated in their entirety. Whatever the case may be, we can arrange to have experienced translators/linguists come spend time at your offices or wherever you need their services, whether for half a day or a year.

Document Review

In legal suits, foreign subsidiaries or businesses are often required to provide massive amounts of documentation as discovery material. When acquiring a foreign company or considering a foreign acquisition, you may want to review a large amount of material related to the company at hand. In the case of a Belgian company, for instance, you will probably have a mixture of Flemish, French and English documents. We can provide an on-site translator or a team of translators to weed through the material and look for relevant documents, or to sit with you and provide explanations as to the content of different documents.

Cultural Consulting Services

These services can actually be provided on-site or from off-site, as you prefer. We can provide consulting services to guide you in your dealings with foreign clients. Our consultants can review your promotional materials and your approaches to determine whether they are appropriate for the country or countries to which they are being directed, and provide expert advice on cultural considerations when meeting with foreign clients, such as the appropriateness of certain gifts, formal greetings, and even some language instruction, if needed.


We can provide experienced voice-over talent in more than 120 languages and dialects. All of our voice-over artists are native language artists, which ensures that the tone, lexis and delivery of the spoken word will resonate with the specified target audience. You can select specific accents/dialects (both “standard” and “non-standard” varieties) and gender of the voice talent.

All of STI’s artists record in approved satellite studios which meet our audio hardware and software requirements, and all quality assurance and audio engineering is carried out at our central studio prior to being delivered to the client. STI also uses the latest version of Avid Pro Tools HD, the leading professional music and audio production software and hardware, for recording, editing and mixing audio tracks. We can also send voice-over artists to your studio to record, if preferred.

STI’s voice-over process includes selection and scheduling of voice over artist and studio time, recording time, engineering/mixing, QA procedures, file export (.wav or .mp3) and final delivery. We can also, of course, provide correctly timed translations of your scripts and subtitles (which can be provided in .srt format), or if you do not have a written script, we can transcribe and translate the script for you from your existing audio/video files.