Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Document Translation Services

Full Translation

We provide linguistically accurate and culturally and idiomatically appropriate translations in any discipline, of any type of material, from English into any language, and from any language into English.

All of our written translations are completed by professional, certified human translators and editors, and go through our complete, multi-step Quality Control Process.. Examples of subject matters we deal with most often are: legal, medical, life sciences, business/finance, military/defense, advertising, public outreach & education, and more. However, there is no subject matter too obscure or too specialized for us to handle.

Editing & Proofreading

We provide two kinds of translation review services – editing and proofreading. Both services apply to previously translated materials, and we can help you determine which one will best suit your needs.

As part of our editing service, a professional, certified STI editor will review the translated material thoroughly, comparing it to its original counterpart. The material will be checked for translation accuracy as well as for grammatically and idiomatically correct language, and completeness.

STI’s proofreading service involves checking mainly for grammatically and idiomatically correct language in a translated text, but does not involve checking for translation accuracy or completeness, as it does not involve the comparison of the translated text to its original source document. Unless otherwise specified, both services focus on the content of the translated material and not on the formatting or layout.

Abstracting (Summarizing)

Abstracting, also known as “summarization” or “gisting,” is a cost-effective way for us to give you an idea of a document's contents in a language other than the one in which it was written. We can provide summaries of foreign text in English, or in foreign languages of English texts. The length, scope and content of the abstracts provided depend on specifications outlined by the client.

Videotape & Audiotape Transcription/Translation

We can provide precise, accurate written transcriptions and translations of foreign language video and audio files. The translations can be provided from any language into English and English into any language, in a variety of subject areas. Materials include videotaped depositions, phone calls, news broadcasts, training videos, movies, seminars, speeches, presentations, public service messages and scripts. Transcriptions/translations are typically provided in a two-column format, with the original language transcription in the left column and translation in the right column. We can also work with any template or format our clients prefer.