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Patent & Intellectual Property (IP) Translations

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“I would like to express my appreciation for your recent service. We were faced with an urgent deadline and required a number of pages of technical language translated from English to Portuguese for filing in the Brazilian Patent Office. This translation was provided within 24 hours via e-mail, and we were able to forward this to our associates in Brazil in time to meet our deadline. Thanks again for your wonderful service, we will be sure to contact you in the future with our translation needs.”-- Susan C.

Schreiber Translations, Inc. (STI) is one of the nation’s leading providers of Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) translation services to numerous patent law firms, Fortune 500 companies and the federal government, translating more than 120 languages to/from English for more than 30 years, including serving as a Prime Contractor for technical translations for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for more than 25 years.

Due to the highly technical nature of patent documents, which involve highly-specialized and unique technical terminology, style and format, STI maintains an extensive and dedicated pool of highly-specialized patent translators, who serve not only as technical translators, but also subject matter experts (SMEs) in a variety of specific technical fields, including mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, information technology (IT) and more.

STI’s expert patent translation services include certified full translations, document analysis/review, gisting/summarization, patent machine translation and more.

Example of some recent STI Patent & IP Translation projects:

  • Translation of approximately 100 patents each month from Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian and dozens of other languages for a federal government agency;
  • Translation of chemical patent related to Sulfonamide TRPA1 receptors from English into Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean for a major international pharmaceutical company, for an international filing;
  • Translation of hundreds of patent specifications and claims, related to automobile transmissions, from German to English for a major international patent search firm;
  • Translation of multiple patents and related evidentiary documentation related to ballistics and bullet-proof vest technology from Japanese to English for a federal legal investigation;
  • Translation of dozens of trademark renewal certificates from French, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Polish and Slovene into English for an intellectual property law firm in Washington, DC.