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Technology Translation & Localization Services

Website Localization, Software Localization, Information Technology (IT), Technical Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Technical Specifications, eLearning, Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)/Translation Memory

“Did I ever mention how much I love working with you guys? You always respond to my e-mails in what feels like mere minutes. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you have the best estimates. You always deliver our translations in a short period of time, and frequently early. You always invoice promptly. You always send receipts right behind my payments. It seems like you guys can translate at the same pace that I can throw requirements at you. I know that I can depend on your company.”-- Katie E.

Schreiber Translations, Inc. (STI) is a leading provider of Technology Translation and Localization services in more than 120 languages for private industry and the government. Whether you need your website localized into multiple languages or require a new software program and associated documentation to be translated into Spanish for a pending release, STI has the combination of linguistic and technical expertise to guide you through each step of the process.

Our start-to-finish process for localization services begins with the front-end analysis of your project requirements, analysis of your source files (e.g. HTML, XML, etc.) and discussion of project parameters, expected deliverables, timelines and project milestones. Once the project begins, our expert Localization Engineers will prepare the content to be translated, and the Project Manager will assign the files to one of our linguist teams, based on subject matter expertise and skill-set. STI is also able to incorporate Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)/Translation Memory (TM) tools, such as SDL Trados, to save on time, costs and enhance quality and consistency.

Once the translations have been completed and fully edited and reviewed, our Localization Engineers will re-import the translated content back into their original source format and run QA testing to ensure that all pages and/or files display and function properly on a test platform. Once the project has been completed and delivered, our Project Managers and Localization Engineers will continue to work with you to ensure that the end-product meets your exact specifications as well as to provide any further linguistic or technical consulting.

Examples of some of our Technology Translation and Localization language projects follow:

  • Localization of the Maryland E-ZPassŪ website from English into Spanish for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT);
  • Translation and Localization of software strings into Arabic for a traffic light management system in Saudia Arabia for a major information technology services company;
  • Translation and Localization of user-interface software strings into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese and Japanese for a major media player and codec software development firm.
  • Localization of medical imaging device software from English into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish for a local medical imaging equipment company;
  • Localization of online partner training program courses from English into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese for a major international anti-virus software company.
  • Localization of 90,000 words of content for an online ethics compliance eLearning course into Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Indonesian (Bahasa) for a major international environmental protection organization.