Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Technology Translation & Localization Services

Precise, accurate translations for the high-tech industry.

We are a leading provider of language services for Software Localization, User Interface, Help files, Websites and more. Examples of our translation and localization services follow:

  • Software Localization for conference management software.
  • Translation and Localization of software strings into Arabic for a traffic light management system in Saudia Arabia for a major information technology services company.
  • Translation and Localization of user-interface software strings into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese and Japanese for a major media player and codec software development firm.
  • Translation and Localization of dozens of software product training course modules into Spanish, French, German and Portuguese for a major anti-virus and security software corporation.
  • Translation and Localization of brain wave imaging software strings into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish for a medical device manufacturing company.

“Did I ever mention how much I love working with you guys? You always respond to my e-mails in what feels like mere minutes. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you have the best estimates. You always deliver our translations in a short period of time, and frequently early. You always invoice promptly. You always send receipts right behind my payments. It seems like you guys can translate at the same pace that I can throw requirements at you. I know that I can depend on your company.”-- Katie E.